Friday, October 28, 2011

Daydreaming of My Own Home

While poking around on pinterest...I found myself daydreaming of my own home. One of these days Cory and I will have a place of our very own to call home.

(none of these photos are my own and I do not take credit for them)

photo from

in need of love...but perfect.

Some my good things will all fall into place and my dreams will come true. Even if we have to build it ourselves ♥

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bad Blogger....and an Update

So...I'm sorry that I'm a bad blogger. School started about a month ago and we are already into mid-terms :( Plus I've had some car issues for the past 2 months but that's all over, thank goodness!! Mama got a new car! to me anyway. But no more worrying about whether I'm going to make it to and from work, or if I'm going to stranded...and have to pay $200 for a dang tow because my AAA only covers 7 miles! 7 Miles? Where can you go in 7 miles?! Geez...I work 2 jobs, both of which are out of town AND I go to school about an hour and twenty minutes from my house. I cannot be without a car...thank goodness for my sweet mother in law for letting me borrow her car on the days I have school.

So anyway, things are great now. I'm still a bit overwhelmed with not having enough time but this too shall pass. Otherwise, everything is going great.

I have much to share with you, I just have to get ALL of my photos uploaded to photobucket and then I can start sharing them with ya. :)

For now, here are the ones I managed to get up and edit on Sunday:

 Irwin always finds the weirdest, most uncomfortable places and positions to sleep in...

Although, he looks pretty comfy and content here, lol.

Gorgeous flower arrangements for Angie's wedding in September...
a few more pics to come ♥

A small pile of homework the first week of I take up the entire floor!

Mortoise the Tortoise finds his way into places he shouldn't be...this is how I found him when I came home from work one day.

My new car...I love it to death. I wish so badly that I could tell you I won't smash this one up like I did my Del Sol, but I'm a really bad driver. Who knows what could happen.

A recent ATC swap I sent out...I think these are my favorit ATCs so far.

A Desert themed package (including some decos to pass on)for a new swapping friend in Canada. Hope she likes what I've put together for her :)

Bits & Pieces ATC swap...made from "bits & peices" or scraps of paper I had lying around from other swaps. Sorry the color is out of whack. I think I took this pic at night.

There you have it. A few pics of recent happenings in my world.

More to come...Cory and I took a day trip to Big Bear on Sunday and I have yet to upload those gorgeous photos.

Happy Tuesday and Have an awesome week!

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