Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mom's Birthday

I wanted to take my mom out to breakfast to celebrate her birthday and she chose to eat at a local family cafe called "C&S Coffee Shop" We ♥ this place! They are super sweet, the service is awesome and they are rather inexpensive.

Look at this face!

He was sunbathing in the middle of our dirt road. I nearly ran him over on my way home--I'm glad too! I would be devastated if I hurt him.
He's harmless.
I walked right up to him when I was trying to get him off the road and he didn't even move a muscle, lol.

It was a pretty good day

Thanks Mom, for having a birthday!

♥ New Faves

1. the super rad newest addition to my mug collection

2. My hootie owl pin that my sister bought for me from our favorite antique store in Y.V--Pioneer Crossing

3. Super cool new owl necklace Caity gifted me
It came with matching blue earrings but they aren't hooties.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday Photos

  • Dinner
  • Messin' around w/clumsy camera
  • Birdies that are outside our front door that's technically the back door--don't ask
  • My little man, Irwin
Just some random photos I took last night after work...I have tons of photos that I never thought to post because they don't really have a theme, lol. So I figured I'd post them randomly--sort of like "scenes from the weekend" or something like that only I'll post them anytime! What do you think? OK idea? We'll see I guess!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Coffee & a Birthday

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday...

I'm off work in the morning so here's the plan--

1. Breakfast @ C&S Family Coffee Shop @ 9:90 am to chit chat, and give her a little gift

2. Class at 12 pm

3. Drive down to the lower desert for work at GCDC until 7ish

4. Drive home and go to bed

These photos are not mine--honestly, I don't know where I got them. 
I promise I'm not taking credit for them!

It's going to be a long day but but I'm looking forward to coffee with the fam in the morning!

And hopefully I don't wake up with a dang headache again :(

I promise I'll take my camera and try to take loads of photos--but I can't promise I won't have an accident again and drop it.

I'm just too clumsy to make promises of posting the photos, lol.

What do you do for your mom on her birthday?
Do you have a special tradition?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wish List

Since I have yet to install my camera software on the computer--I thought I'd do a wish list post. I really like these sort of posts on other blogs. It's neat to see what everyone really likes.

Here are just a few things that are on my wishlist:

There you have it...

Some things I would to own.

What's on your wishlist?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Good things that happened this weekend...

1. Krystal & Rudy got married!!!!
It was super fun by the way-
-just wish it weren't so windy.

2. Got to see some good friends at the wedding that I 
    haven't seen in a really long time.
Fun times were had by all! 

3. Easter brunch @ Granny & Grandpa's

4. Easter dinner @ my mother in law's

Casualty of the weekend:
1. My camera

I can't believe I dropped it--right before Krystal & Rudy's ceremony started! I'm such a dingbat...the video part of it still worked but I didn't have enough memory left.

I have an older camera that still sort of works but I'm not sure I have the software or usb for it anymore--and I have a mini video camera that works and takes photos but it really sort of sucks :(

I'm afraid I'll just have to suck it up soon and purchase a new camera...ugh, one more thing that I have to save for.
Dang it.
So...hope you had an awesome Easter!
How was your weekend?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Crystal Earned Her CNA Pin!

On Monday my sister Crystal earned her CNA pin! Woot woot! I believe now she now wants to be a home health nurse...and I think she's planning on continuing her nursing education. She's super excited and we are so proud of her!  

Congratz Crystal!

And after the ceremony we all went out to celebrate at Applebee's  
Sorry the photos have a yellowish tint...I haven't quite figured out the camera under flouresent lighting. And for some reason my camera kept taking blurry photos--I always have it on the same setting but on Monday it somehow reset itself :(

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Orange & Gray Monday

It's been a while since I've posted--my apologies. It's been a crazy busy few days since last Thursday, lol. My sis earned her CNA pin on Monday and I am in the process of editing the photos so be looking for them in my next post =)

Until then--here's what I wore to the event.
Left: cute little owl pin Caity bought me on Sunday when we went on our hunt for Crystal's CNA gift(s). Bought it at Pioneer Crossing Antiques (my favorite antique store)in Yucca.
Right: Charlotte Russe orange flower earrings and little silver owl earrings I bought at a boutique in San Diego 2 years ago.
I bought the orange tank and belt from Angelview Thrift in Yucca and the gray cardi came from Wetseal/ wet seal in 2009.

Just wanted to give a little update and say's been a few days. I will post photos of Crystal's CNA pinning ceremony soon!

Have a good one!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

best day ever!

So many great things happened yesterday! I just have to share my Saturday with you!

Relay for Life
This weekend was the Morongo Basin Relay for Life and it was the first one I have ever been to. Originally I planned to just volunteer where it might be needed but the kids camp that was planned fell through. I decided to check out the relay anyway since the college (where I go to school and also work) had a team and I wanted to show some support.
One of my friends at work was also the Chair person this year and I wanted to go say hi and see if maybe she could use any help. I walked 4 laps--I think this might be a mile--and it was HOT yesterday. Sooooo many people were beat red sunburned AND they were handing out sunblock. You'd think that being at a relay for cancer support/research you would be smart enough to wear sunblock. Maybe that's just me. Hmm.

In the Mail
As Cory & I were driving down the road to get a few things at the Grocerie Store--Cory's mom met us as she came up the road. We stopped, said hi and told her where we were going & she said, "I think you got your letter from San Bernardino." She handed it through the window, I nervously opened it...

I'M IN!!
I am accepted into the Masters of Social Work Program at Cal State San Bernadino!!!
I can't wait to start!!

Krystal & Rudy's Pre-Wedding Weekend BBQ
My friend Krystal & loooooong time boyfriend of like 10 years are getting married next Saturday! In celebration of the big day and as a little get-together for the both of them as bachelor & bachelorette, they had a BBQ. I LOVE BBQ's at their place--always fun and they live out in the boonies, in the middle of the desert so we can be as loud as we want, lol. Although the husband and I got in a bit late last night and are super tired today, we had a blast and it was nice being able to catch up since we are always so busy.
And the night ended with roasted marshmallows and s'mores.

It was a super awesome weekend and next weekend
 is going to be just as great!

How was your weekend?

Thursday, April 14, 2011


My stupid bangs were being flippie this morning, Grr!

I bought this awesome silk shirt at Goodwill down in Cathedral City--Shhh...don't tell my husband but I may stop in tomorrow on the way home from work depending on how late it is! was an OK day but I hope you don't mind if I vent a little.

Here goes--

Everything is online now! This is sort of exciting for me or anyone who would rather pay their bills, order things, check schedules or whatever else online but this is frustrating and sometimes darn scary for people who aren't used to using the computer or doing anything online.

I experienced this with my brother when I was trying to help him register for school, get an email address, etc. My brother is very smart but has some learning disabilities...he's getting a heck of a lot better at learning how to find things on google, ebay, etc. but still has a hard time with trying to remember usernames and passwords, and remembering to check his email.

The real reason I bring all this up is because I was helping someone in the library today with his online application for school. He really had no idea what to do with the computer and was even baffled with the mouse. I love helping people with these applications especially since I know how much it can be frustrating to fill out "paper work" but these applications ask for very personal information which I'm totally fine with except for the fact that we are in a very public place.

I just think that admissions & records should consider asking people if they need any assistance with filling out these things online--and provide someone who can assist. I remember I was doing this as a student worker too and I don't believe students should have access to other students' personal info, i.e. SSN's!

Even though the forms are pretty much self-explanitary, some of the staff in the library aren't even used to the online application and haven't ever filled one in order for us to better assist patrons with these forms it would make sense to train the staff--but that's another issue.

I'm glad I was familiar with the form so that I could help him but I can see how some people may be turned off of school just because they get frustrated with the computer or the process.

I'm just venting. Overall it was a great day at work. There are just some things that eat at me and keep eating at me until I can vent a little. Now I'm totally good.

Not frustrated about it anymore.
Blurry by accident...must have been moving my head or something.
I haven't worn these shoes in Fo.e.vah.

How was your work day?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sending Snail Mail & "What's in My Bag"


I'm afraid it's going to be a long day...NOT a bad day--just a looong day.

Anyway, I stayed up a tad bit later than usual the other night because I really wanted to work on some post cards. I make super cheap & cheesy-but colorful & fun postcards that I love to send to my sister, mom & friends. I haven't made in such a long time so I was super stoked when I finished this one. My sister Candace lives in Palm Springs now and although we only live about 35-40 mins away...we are always working and our sched's conflict so much that we hardly get to see each other. And gas is expensive, lol...I live on a mountain compared to where she lives in the lower desert. Gas is a significant expense :(
I just use magazine clippings, stickers, and stamps--sometimes ribbon for these. Maybe one of these days I'll get some of them printed so they look neater and won't run the risk of falling apart in the mail. Until then--I use packing tape to seal the suckers up!

What's in My Bag
This game is being played all over the place and I haven't necessarily been tagged--but I so wanted to play! Here goes--and please dont' judge, lol. I seriously need a bigger purse.
Left to Right
1. Change purse I bought in San Diego, 2. Change purse I bought at Claire's that contains work keys & flash drives, 3. Handy hair brush-gifted, 4. Brighton compact mirror-gifted, 5. Mary Kay lip gloss, 6. Arbonne chapstick, 7. Bath & body works lip gloss in lemon/pomegranate, 8. Bath & body works hand sanitizer in vanilla/blue raspberry? Or cotton candy?-gifted, 9. pen & pencil, 10. car keys among many others (I have no idea what some of them are), 11. Mittens, 12. Calendar that I collaged, 13. my really old Telie, 14. Hurley wallet-gifted, 15. blog journal that my sis collaged for me,& 16. finally: Bubble Gum.   
This little baby contains my life...not really--but I'm completely lost without it!
What it contains...
Grocery lists & my book list

There you have it. That's what's in my lil' bag. I love these purses by the way--so funky and cultural, not to mention cheap. My mother in law gave me this one along with two others. She got them a few years back when she went a mission/volunteer trip with her church to Ecuador. LOVE them! I found another one at a swap meet in Fontana but I have no idea where it is.

So if you are reading this post...please continue the "in my bag"'s fun!

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