Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bad Blogger....and an Update

So...I'm sorry that I'm a bad blogger. School started about a month ago and we are already into mid-terms :( Plus I've had some car issues for the past 2 months but that's all over, thank goodness!! Mama got a new car! Well...new to me anyway. But no more worrying about whether I'm going to make it to and from work, or if I'm going to stranded...and have to pay $200 for a dang tow because my AAA only covers 7 miles! 7 Miles? Where can you go in 7 miles?! Geez...I work 2 jobs, both of which are out of town AND I go to school about an hour and twenty minutes from my house. I cannot be without a car...thank goodness for my sweet mother in law for letting me borrow her car on the days I have school.

So anyway, things are great now. I'm still a bit overwhelmed with not having enough time but this too shall pass. Otherwise, everything is going great.

I have much to share with you, I just have to get ALL of my photos uploaded to photobucket and then I can start sharing them with ya. :)

For now, here are the ones I managed to get up and edit on Sunday:

 Irwin always finds the weirdest, most uncomfortable places and positions to sleep in...

Although, he looks pretty comfy and content here, lol.

Gorgeous flower arrangements for Angie's wedding in September...
a few more pics to come ♥

A small pile of homework the first week of class...now I take up the entire floor!

Mortoise the Tortoise finds his way into places he shouldn't be...this is how I found him when I came home from work one day.

My new car...I love it to death. I wish so badly that I could tell you I won't smash this one up like I did my Del Sol, but I'm a really bad driver. Who knows what could happen.

A recent ATC swap I sent out...I think these are my favorit ATCs so far.

A Desert themed package (including some decos to pass on)for a new swapping friend in Canada. Hope she likes what I've put together for her :)

Bits & Pieces ATC swap...made from "bits & peices" or scraps of paper I had lying around from other swaps. Sorry the color is out of whack. I think I took this pic at night.

There you have it. A few pics of recent happenings in my world.

More to come...Cory and I took a day trip to Big Bear on Sunday and I have yet to upload those gorgeous photos.

Happy Tuesday and Have an awesome week!

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Janette said...

PHEW! Glad you're okay! And yay on the new car!

Janette, the Jongleur

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