Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday Walk

Yesterday was gorgeous outside so I decided that it would be awesome for Max (Cory's dog) and I to go for a walk. I wish it weren't so dang windy outside so I could enjoy a walk but I don't think the wind is going to stop for me today.

I thought I might share some photos I snapped on our journey.

And although Max was pretty tuckered out by the time we were close to home...he still had the energy to dig for whatever lives/lived in this here hole.

Max jumped in his water bucket when we finally got home...poor guy! He was thirsty as heck!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Today I felt a little on the neutral side...the only bright color I wore today besides white was my lime green NP. I wasn't all drab I guess, lol.

Cardi: Thrifted, i.e.
V-Neck T: Target, Mossimo
Brown Corduroys: Thrifted, Papaya
Wedges: Thrifted, Montgomery Ward      

I have no idea why my limbs and feet look a freakish color...and please ignore my funky toes, lol!

My awesome Brighton Charms that my granny bought me for my 24th B-Day...♥ my little owl!
As you can probably tell...despite my neutral colors today, I am in a pretty dang good mood.

I think I may change into some tennis shoes & go for a walk down in the wash! This sounds like a wonderful idea--

I'll take my camera with me so I can show you what I find on my little adventure!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Finds ♥

This week is Spring Break...but I work at the library on campus, and we are open during the break--poo. When I got off work at noon today and was driving through Joshua Tree, I decided to stop at the Hi-Desert Medical Center Thrift Store. Sheesh--that was long-winded!

Anyway, I found some pretty, neat silk shirts and a couple of belts. Silk shirts are awesome since I live in the desert--they are so light and cool feeling. Plus, they always have funky patterns on them that I just can't get over. They crack me up! I wore one today actually...this one came from Cory's grandmother. I actually have 2 from her. The only thing that bugs me about them is that they come with shoulder pads, lol. I always cut them out though =)Oh, and one more thing--I hate when the sleeves bunch up when I throw on a cardi. But I still love them

Alien Toes!!
I never wore sandals until after High School--I was so afraid people would look at my feet, lol. I was such a weirdo dork.
Here are my finds from today...I bought a pair of sandals too but I forgot to photograph them :(
Check out the funky patterns!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Corners of our Room

Cory & I recently moved in with his mom to save money for a car & eventually to buy a house of our own...the saving hasn't been able to happen just yet--unexpected car expenses, poo. Anyway, I love that we have the freedom to decorate and have our own space at her house. I am so grateful that she gave us this option ♥ So I'm happy when I see the little corners in our room that makes it so warm and homey. I'm sorry...the first couple came out looking a bit squished :(

A few of my favorite corners ♥

Pen & Paper Post

As I caught up on my favorite blogs yesterday I found that Stephanie from the merry way tagged me in a cute little handwritting game! You have no idea how stoked I was--and still am!

The "Pen & Paper Post"
1. What's your name and blogger name?
2. What's your blog's URL?
3. Write, "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
4. Favorite quote?
5. Favorite song?
6. Favorite band/singers?
7. Anything else you want to say?
8. Tag bloggers to participate.

 Ashley of fait accompli

OK ladies...Tag, You're it!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Down the Road

A few photos to show you just how much I enjoy living in Yucca Valley! We can walk down the road and explore the gorgeous-ness of the desert. These are photos from two weeks ago...
Left: Cactus
Right: Cory, Max, and rock climber
Joshua Tree
Left: My feet
Right: Cory excited over a spiney lizard he spotted in the rubble and Max excited over a chipmunk he spotted...these guys...
Left: Me, right after I got my bangs cut
Right: Max and Cor
Left: My shadow
Right: The plant we set out for...♥ my succulents :)
Can't wait for it to get warmer so we'll be able to hike more!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday Thrifting with Family

Sunday was a BLAST! I spent the day with my mom, sisters: Caity (17 soon to be 18 yrs.), and Candace (23 yrs.), and Candace's Boyfriend Eddie...uhm, not sure how old he is but I'm assuming about 22? ANYWAY--Candace now lives in Palm Springs and my mom and Caity hadn't seen her new place yet so I thought it would be cool to spend the day down that way. We checked out her apartment, said hi to the pups and then spent the entire day thrifting!! Woot woot! We found some neat stuff--I bought a couple of shelves for Candace and a Super RAD clay vase that's so quirky I couldn't resist. It has a sketch or stamp of a house or building in a cramped city like San Fransisco or New mom found an outfit...Candace found some jeans...what else? Caity bought Candace a wire figure to put her necklaces on. It was a super awesome day!

What I Wore Thrifting:

Cardi: Target, Jeans: Candies-Gifted from Kohls, Belt: Thrifted, T-Shirt: Target, Vest: Thrifted--no idea what the tag says, lol ♥, Owl Earrings: Gifted from Candace, Shoes: Thrifted and I LOVE them!

Scenes from Yesterday

There ya have it...How was your weekend?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Awesome Friday

Yesterday was amazing! I was off work from Copper Mountain College so I decided to get in my hours down at Gilda's Club...I needed to catch up on TONS of work down there (lower desert) and Friday was the perfect day to get it all done. Although I would have much rather taken an actual vacation day--that's the problem when you work more than one job...there is always work to do and you can never have a real vacation day. 

Anyway...I blame my awesome mood on my bright yellow cardi & orange nails--

I decided on the way home that I wanted to take Cory out for dinner. I told him it would be up to him under the conditions that we wouldn't eat fast food, and we wouldn't eat at home. I wanted to go out!!

He told me he would think about it and for me to call him back when I reached Morongo Valley--Gilda's Club is 45/50 minutes away from home.

On my lonely, but reflective journey home, I was reminded how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place:

As I reached Morongo, I called Cor to see what he fancied for dinner and he decided on the really super delicious Kimi Grill at the end/beginning of town. It's the best place to get sushi and all that fancy fish stuff--I usually get chicken or beef teriyaki but last night I tried their pork cutlet special...and let me tell you! It failed to disappoint! Delicious!!

Cory, getting ready to dig in

Our delicious food!

Cory & I don't usually go to fancy or pricey places to eat, but I was in such a good mood--due to my nifty cardi :) It's magical--that's all there is to it. It's nice to have date nights, and I think we should schedule them in more often!

How was your Friday night?
What did you do?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Woo hoo! I get to look funky in my fave color today!

NP that I almost never wear...since it takes forevaaah to dry and needs 3-4 coats. Poo. But very pretty!

My new bangs...not sure if I like them--have proven to a pain so far :(. The scarf Caity made me, the ring I bought to wear for my bridal shower and wedding and never wore...Not sure where I got it...Charlotte Russe probably.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Candace & Eddie

On Sunday my family met at Granny & Grandpa's house for a BBQ and to catch up. Everyone has their own lives now that most of us kids are now adults and working and going to school...we hardly see each other all in one place. My grandparents' house is like the hub--where we go to recharge the family, lol. The only person missing was my soon to be 19 yr. old sister, Crystal. But usually there are one or two that have to work unless we plan these "reunions" a month or so in advance. It was very nice, and some friends/family from Iowa are in town and they came over to visit too. Anyway, I took some photos for my Sister Candace so that I can get them printed and put in nice frames for her new place. Here is a preview:
Angel (dog), Eddie (boyfriend), Candace, & Lucky (dog)

Candace was nudging him to make him smile...

Mmmm...the blossoms smelled heavenly!

I haven't quite figured out what exactly I want to do with these pictures yet...make them look retro? Make them bright? I really like the first photo--but I also ♥ the brightness of the green leaves & grass and the yellow of the Lemon. Hmmm...maybe I'll just make several copies and she could choose the effects she likes most. And the rest I can put in my scrapbook and give to my mom! Yup, great idea. Sometimes I just have to talk it out with myself!

Any more ideas? 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saturday with my sister

My husband was gone for most of Saturday so my youngest sister and my mother and I got our coffee at Starbucks and then did a little garage saling--it's been too long since we've gone. It was nice, we found some really awesome, blue jean mugs and a matching cream pitcher for my sister Candace, who just got her own place down in Palm Springs. Everytime I go thrifting or to garage sales I always look for funky things that would match her personality :) Every once in a while she'll find a super cool owl or 70's thing that she can't pass up and leaves it for me at my mom's. Super sweet! It's fun getting little suprises all the time--and my sisters and mom are awesome at finding super nifty, weird little one of a kind things. After garage saling, my sister and I did a little scrapbooking and this is the first time in years since we've been able to spread out ALL of our supplies and make a huge mess! It was fun--and we made some rice krispie treats to snack on. YUM!

This is Catiy's legs and hands and our mess...oh!
And we found these awesome stamps at one of the garage sales.

Another view of our mess...and some lettuce that Irwin didn't want to eat.

Caitlyn and the 2 pages she finished--we went to the Queen Mary for her 17th Birthday last fall and she's just now getting around to putting them in her these pages! She's very good at collaging, one of her many talents.

Please ignore my husband's dirty work clothes in the background--these are the 2 pages I finished yesterday. The left page is of photos I took at Coyote Hole in Joshua Tree about 3/4 years ago. I had them up on my closet doors in my apartment on campus when I was living at Cal State San Bernardino--my little piece of home I guess you could say. The right page is of my bother in law and his wife. They got married on Halloween last year. These pages don't match are in no way related...all of my scrapbooks are a bit schizophrenic. I think Caitlyn tries to keep a consistent 2-page layout throughout her scrapbooks. I guess it depends on how many photos you have though.

What did you do this weekend?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

actually having time...

I LOVE actually having time to just, read up on my favorite blogs, study, and thrift! I've been so deprived of time for the last 2/3 years that I've suffered many a break down. I would cry myself to sleep and the dumbest, littlest things would break me. I feel so relaxed these past couple of months--I can breath. I am much happier.I no longer work the weekends (until season picks up @ Barnes & Noble) and I have time after work almost everyday. It wasn't that long ago that I would get home from work, have to get in my uniform and head down to the lower desert to work at my other job. Sometimes I would work 3 jobs in one day! I don't know how the heck I managed. Well, I guess I didn't considering my break downs. And I won't even get started on the cost of gas, lol!

What's changed in your life recently that makes you happy?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Outfit: ♥ Mustard & Magenta

Every morning I spend about 15-20 mins. trying to figure out what to wear before I jump in the's dumb. I should do this before I go to bed so that I could either sleep in a bit more or give myself time to eat before I rush out the door. But anyway...I just really wanted some color today.
Nothing fancy or attention grabbing...just colors that make me smile :)
This is my favorite scarf by the way--wish I could wear it everday!!

I bought the scarf, and shoes at Angel View--a local thrift store and one of my faves
I bought the cardi at Goodwill down in Cathedral City on my home from work last week...
Jeans--Kohls (gift card)
Earrings--either Claire's or Charlotte Russe, I can't remember.
Bracelet--Pioneer Crossings Antique store here in Yucca Valley (my favorite antique store around & I'm sad to admit that I haven't been there in months :(

Here are a few more 's from in like colors!

Mexicali T-Shirt Sizes   Mexicali T-Shirt

Extra Large Button Cluster Necklace in  Magenta and Mustard

 Extra Large Button Cluster Necklace

Vintage Yellow Bow Shoe
 Vintage Yellow Bow Shoes
Softspoken Chunky Ribbed Scarf in Sunshine

Softspoken Chunky Ribbed Scarf in Sunshine

vintage 80s BERRY sweater cardiganVintage 80's Berry Cardi

If you click on the names of the items...they lead you to their shops on, I'm really bad at placing photos with links on my blog. I've messed with this for soooo long. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it sooner or later, lol!


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