Wednesday, June 29, 2011

1 Year Anniversary

Yucca Valley High School Prom 2004...Cory graduated in 2003 and so we went to my Prom. This photo is horrible, lol. My braces & Farmer's tan & his long hair and wannabe mustache!
(17 & 18 years old)

The really bad photo that we paid for at prom....cracks me up.

I was 19 & Cory was 20 years old.

I was in college in San Bernardino and would come home on the weekends to spend time with Cory.
( I was 21 & Cory was 22)

Our Wedding Day, June 26, 2010
(I was 23 & Cory was 24 years old)

I can't believe it's been a year since we were married. Sunday was our anniversary. We had planned on taking our actual honeymoon this year for our one year anniversary but it turns out we both have to pay dumb traffic fines around the same time so our money is being spent elsewhere :(


Instead, we went out to dinner Saturday night to Cory's favorite place in town: The Kimi Grill & Sushi Bar. If you have the chance to visit Yucca Valley, CA, I highly suggest dinner at this wonderful place!

On Sunday, we painted Cory's truck (been wanting to do this for a while), cleaned up and headed down the lower desert...uhm, Rancho Mirage I try out the Hibachi Grill. We hadn't been here before and we have heard such great things about it. I'm sorry I didn't snap any photos. I felt a little embarrassed to since we had to share a chef & table with strangers. It was so neat though! Then we headed to the Ford dealership to look at cars since I have to buy a new car in the next couple of months. Mine has waaaaay toooo many miles on it and I'll be commuting in the fall to school twice a week.

Although our special weekend didn't go as planned, we have high hopes for next year and possibly this coming winter. As long as nothing unfortunate arises and takes all of our money from us.

Those of you who are married, what did you do or are planning to do for your first year anniversary?

I forgot to tell you!
(sorry so blurry, we couldn't stop laughing!)

When we got home from our wedding, we stuck the top of our cake in the freezer to eat on our first anni.

Let me tell you! Never has spice cake ever tasted so delicious!! It was heavenly!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So Awkward...

There are sooooo many outfit posts and fashion bloggers out there in blogland and I so wish I could be just as fashionable, funky, & fun.

But I have to show this t-shirt that I bought at goodwill. I am so in love with it. I wish I could wear it everyday...

The only way that there could be a more awesome-r shirt is if a shirt had even wider stripes! 

♥ This isn't a new find--my love for it has just re-kindled this past week. ♥

What is your favorite find that you just wish you could live in everyday?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Swap-Bot Bundle

A co-worker introduced me to an awesome and fun website called Swap-Bot and I'm totally addicted! If  you're into crafting, post cards, collecting things, sewing, will love just as much as I do! Right now I'm into swapping postcards--yes you pay for the postage but it's so fun and you meet really cool peeps and learn fun things about new places and get to collect other's art. You have to check it out!

Today, I'm sending out my first real batch of Post cards...and I'm sending one of them to Hong Kong!! Crazy fun!

Can't wait to get snail mail from my swap partners! You never know what's going to be in your mailbox--so exciting!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Diet Update

I am in love with Herbalife...I have to tell you, I was super skeptical in the beginning and thought I may have an extremely difficult time with this diet. I thought, how the heck am I going to replace 2 whole meals a day with a meesly shake? Well, these shakes are so filling that I can go hours without a snack! And they full of vitamins and minerals so you're getting everything in them. If you want more protein you can add peanut butter or nuts or you can add protein powder. But seriously, I can't believe how well I'm doing and I actually enjoy it--especially nice and refreshing for the summer time.

Turns out, I've lost 12 lbs. in about 6-7 weeks! Yippeeee! I haven't yet reached my goal but I can totally see and feel the difference. Actually I could feel the difference immediately--I feel healthier and shhhh...I am regular now, LOL. Like clock-work! But I think that's a little bit too much info.

Cory said to me a few nights ago, "are you sure you aren't losing wieght?" Then I weighed myself. I'd been so afraid of the scale up until he said this to me. I'm serious!

I have stuggled with my weight my entire life. All of my sisters and even my brother are much smaller than me...some-how I got the big bones or fat genes in the family. My sisters are all size 0-3 and I go up and down from 5-11. It's crazy. I'm so tired of it.

I am much happier now...and I can't wait to be a size 5 again! That's when I felt most comfortable in my skin. I realize this won't last forever unless I figure out a way to maintain it.

I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tuesday's Adventures

I spent the first half of the day with my sister yesterday. It was super fun. First we went to the Cactus Wren, a used bookstore in town. I wanted to take in a few books that either weren't what I thought they were going to be or I had already read and didn't necessarily feel attached to. If you bring in books they give you a credit toward purchases. Cool! We found some books that we might enjoy and then headed out to lunch at the new Ma Rouge coffee shop/cafe in town. After lunch we headed to out favorite antique store in town, Pioneer Crossings where I found a super awesome beach/picnic bag for this summer.

♥ New Read
♥ Caity enjoying her Raspberry Lemonade 
♥ THE most Delicious salad...Italian...something or other?
♥ Carametto latte--Caramel & Amaretto syrup, extremely sweet & delicious. A treat for me since I drink plain 'ol joe all the time.
♥ Super nifty new beach bag--bring on the beach!
♥ First time in my new funky beaded flip flops. I bought them 2 Saturday's ago and wore them for the first time yesterday...totally kill my heels but they are too adorable. I love beaded things :)

There you have it--since I work  nights now I get to chill out during the day until about 2pm. Then I have to get ready for work. Although I'd rather be working mornings and enjoying the rest of the day when I'm off--nights are kind of a nice break. The only thing that sucks is I'm not a night person. I'm up early and am super tired by about mid-day or 4pm...and that's when I have to be at work. But this will only last another week.

Thank goodness.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day Trip

On Saturday Cory & I drove up to Big Bear (where we said "I do") for a little desert heat getaway. It was pretty warm up in Big Bear but not nearly as hot as Yucca Valley. I love this little moutain town: gorgeous homes, country moutain feel, warms the heart.

We took a drive around the lake, stopped at the dam to check out the water and see what the fisherman were catching--then we stopped for lunch at the "Sonoma Cantina." We ate here the first day of our wedding weekend in Big Bear. I am in love with their chile rellenos and carnitas tacos. The decor in this place warms my heart and makes me smile.

After lunch, we headed down the street to the Moonridge Zoo! We made plans to visit the zoo the weekend we were married but we didn't have much time. It's a fairly small zoo but so worth the super cheap $9 it costs for admission. It was soooo neat! I'm super sad to tell you this, but my camera died as we were entering the zoo. I still cannot believe I didn't think to charge it before we left yesterday morning.

These are the only photos I could snap before we headed into the zoo:

It was a very nice day. Last night as we turned out the lights to go to bed, Cory gave me an awesome hug and thanked me for the day. He told me he enjoyed himself--which is really something lately, he's been having a rough time (personal) recently with work and some personal struggles he's trying his darndest to get through. Although it was only for the day (I'm taking care of my mother's animals while she's on a trip), we both really needed a getaway. I think we both feel a bit recharged after yesterday's adventures.

Today, I'm kicking back, enoying some peace
 and catching up on my book ♥

Next time we end up at the Big Bear Zoo, I promise I will have charged my camera and I will deliver awesome critter pics!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday Photos

Irwin was waving (talking) to Beast (Cory's Dragon) when I walking into the bedroom, lol. Although this warmed my heart and made me giggle...I couldn't help but be concerned for my little aloe plant. He was totally crushing it!

My new favorite snack--Greek yogurt & fruit.
I'm eating grapes here :)

Pomegranate can see the pomegranate forming at the base of the flower. So pretty!

Half way through--I am now on Chapter 17!! It's definitely getting more interesting though. It's picking up a bit so I think I may be able to get through the second half much quicker than the first, lol.

Eating lunch at my best friend's mom's house in Rialto, CA
Mrs. Murcia makes THE best pollo con rice!

My bestie, Blanca & her new hubby Josue. They are too cute! So happy together

Mannequin from a discount clothing store we checked out while we were waiting for the next showing of Hangover II (by the way: not worth the awesome $5 to see--totally grossed me out).

Friday, June 10, 2011

what's in my bag?

Bare with me...photobucket is acting cuh-ray-zee at the moment. Hopefully it doesn't mess with the ability to view this photo.

This is my 2nd "what's in my bag?" post. I chose to do this post because I had to show you the nifty-awesome bag I won in a giveaway from Orchid Grey. The bag came from Pulp Vintage, an awesome vintage etsy shop that I'm totally in with.

1. Pulp Vintage leather purse
2. Hurley wallet my brother gifted me
3. favorite one is the multicolored on the bottom: came from Borders & has cupcakes and little girl things on it.
4. Blackberry mt sister in law gave to me
5. Arbonne chapstick and Bath & Body Works pomegranate lemon lip gloss.
6. Uhm, girlie stuff bag. Just the right size for taking to the bathroom while at work...rather than taking your entire purse and looking so obvious.
7. My life...this calendar has gone everywhere with me since last summer--I'll have to say goodbye to it forever beginning in July. It's being replaced.
8. Trident sugar-mint gum. At least I think that's what the flavor is called. I can't remember and don't have my purse near me at the moment. I know. I'm totally lazy.
9. Little change pocket that carries my work keys and USB's for school.
10. Why is this in my purse? I guess I was in a hurry...coral-ish colored NP...I added sparkly pink NP to it the other day because for some reason I have two of the same color and decided I wanted it to be slightly different. I'm thinking about adding some pale pink or white NP to it to make it a bit lighter/creamier looking. What do you think?
11. My favorite change purse--that actually houses change. I got this in San Diego a couple of years ago when we went to old town for my b-day in November. I love stuff like this. Fun, Fun!
12. Brighten pocket mirror that my mother in law gifted me. I love this! So pretty and handy.
13. My keys--car, house, storage, and many other keys that I don't recognize. I have no idea what they belong to--but I'm afraid to take them off of my keyring for fear that I'll actually need them.

Your turn!
What's in your purse?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ugh...taking me forever.

I cannot believe how long I've been reading the same book.

Since, like...February! Well, I did take a little break from Sieg to read about Jack Barron and what he did to his family...I love me some true crime!

But seriously--who spends 3 months on one book?!

And I'm only on Chapter 13. Not even half way through.


What are ya'll reading at the moment?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Friday Photos

♥ Coffee, Greek Yogurt, & Fruit...a healthy snack for my new diet

♥ A Cactus (thought it was dead) in the front yard is blooming!

♥ Irwin was keeping me company while I ate my yogurt.

♥ My messy little craft corner

♥ New handmade postcard

How was your Friday?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

On Wednesday I went to my very first Orientation as a graduate student in the School of Social at Cal State San Bernardino. You have no idea how freakin' excited and grown up I felt--and still do! I can't wait to start the program...

I had to get there a bit early so that I could turn in my final transcripts to correct offices since somehow they kept getting lost in the mail. Sheesh.

I had to truck from one side of campus to the next to get them into the correct hands by 5ish pm that night. My left foot still hurts a bit from all the slippin' and slidin' it did in my new flip flops. I have no idea why one foot hurts and the other is fine--story of my life.

Anyway, I accomplished this mission and had time to spare to snap a few photos before the orientation began.

I never had any classes in this building--I think it houses all the business classes and that kind of stuff. I would often sneak through it though, just to get from the campus apartments to the little pond on the other side. I saw THE CUTEST skunk here one night when I was out looking for toads in the pond, lol.
The Library was and will be my second home while I lived on campus. Sometimes the roomies were just a tad too loud when I was trying to study or write papers. It was the only place I could concentrate. I love that they are open super duper late too--that means I can get studying done after my classes at night. I think they're open until 10 or 11pm! So wonderful!

This sidewalk was not here 2 years ago when I's beautiful! This is a side view of the student union building. They have offices with all sorts of clubs in here--and there's an enormous conference room...AND starbucks, del taco, dominos, and all sorts of fun, nifty stuff. I think some of the student leadership classes are held in this building as well.
Then I came to the commons--this is where all the students who live on campus eat if they bought meal plans. There are some classrooms/meeting rooms in the lower commons as well and this is where I came for orientation. It was a gorgeous day in San Bernardio-not hot, not cold. Just perfect.
Photos of the garden outside of the commons. This wasn't here either when I graduated...there are a lot of new changes around campus, it's growing and looking gorgeous.

There you have it. These are the only photos I could snap before my camera died :(

There will definitely be more in the months to come!

How was your week?


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