Thursday, July 28, 2011

From the Weekend...

Enjoying some joe from the latest addition to my mug collection
Sorry love, but Irwin's is the first face I see when I wake up in the morning. He's always up and ready for the day before I am.

Some recent snail mail I've found in my mailbox ♥
I love the donkey postcard!

Colorful outfit for the weekend :) I've been wearing so much black lately and there is absolutely no reason for it.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Photo Therapy

Some photos of things that lightened my mood yesterday...

Sometimes snapping pics makes me forget about everything that's bugging me. It's like a sort of therapy.

Are there things that you do to lighten your mood?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Days & Nights

My summer days & nights consist of:
 - waking up to ants everywhere and spraying the heck out of them...then having to mop (ugh, I hate bugs).
- making coffee and watching Good Morning America
- taking a shower...if I feel like it, lol.
- Waiting for the Bro to get back from golfing so that we can go get his paper down the street at the local Pilot Station.
- Coming back home to scrounge up some lunch ( I can't cook for the life of me)
- Watching TV, making Postcards, writing in my journal, working on another puzzle, etc. to pass the time until it's time to go to bed.
- Talking to the hubs on the phone to go over our days apart from each other and then reading myself to sleep.

I can't wait to go home this weekend just so I have a break from this lonely place.

* I did go for a bike ride last night--I've forgotten how rough it is to ride a bike. I don't have a bike at home because we don't have sidewalks or bike lanes in Yucca...and I live on a dirt road so I'll probably need a mountain bike.

It's difficult to ride a bike in the sand.

And it's a bit scary riding a bike or walking by myself in Desert Hot Springs...and the bro won't go with me.

If Cor was here he'd go with me...I hate being away from him during the week.

What have you been doing to keep busy when it's too dang hot to venture out into the sunlight? 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Swapping

Since I'm taking a forced vacation this month...I've been doing a lot of snail mail swapping on swap-bot. These are just a few things I've sent out this month. I usually take pics of everything I send out since I can only make them once and will never see them again, lol. * the bottom photo has a store-bought postcard in it so I'm sure I can find another one of these somewhere around Palm Springs.

I need to take pics of the snail mail I've rec'd since some of the items are handmade and super unique. This is what I do when I can't sleep...since I'm house-sitting still and don't have the comfort of my own bed. But I come home on the weekends to see the hubs and get some real, much needed and appreciated sleep.

What do you do when you can't sleep?

Oh! If anyone is interested in swapping friendship books or deco books, please send me an email with your addy. (examples in photos 2 & 3).

Thursday, July 14, 2011

♥ of Quirkiness

♥ Hubby has an obsession for little tractors...and if he doesn't, he sure has a lot of them!
♥ Hubby also has a weird fascination for furry clothing I cut this out for a giggle and then stuck it to my bulletin board.
♥ I have a thing for owls & I love this thrift store find!
♥ I think I bought this scorpion for the hubs from the wild animal park in SD...I thought it was cool.
♥ We ♥ glass knobs
♥ I ♥ girlie, vintage looking things
♥ Again, I have a thing for owls
♥ I can't get over this tea light lamp...I've posted about it before. I just love it and I have no idea why.

There ya have it...some funky, quirky corners from around our room.

Hope to see some of the funky, beloved little corners of your favorite spaces soon.

Monday, July 11, 2011

When Time Goes By Too Slowly...

Since July 5th...I've been house-sitting/cat-sitting/brother-sitting at my grandparent's house in Desert Hot Springs, CA while they are on an amazing road trip and visiting friends and family.

For the past few summers I have house sit for them and every time I agree to do it, I get really nasty angry/frustrated that I don't get to either go with them or get my own little vacation. I know this is completely selfish of me to think about but I've worked every summer since I graduated high school and have missed every trip to visit family and friends because I have to work to pay bills. But I know when I'm older, and either make more money, or retire I'll have the same chance to travel. Hopefully. It just sucks...and I guess I'm just venting.

Anyway, besides swimming in their pool, there is absolutely hardly anything to do where my grandparents live unless you have $$$$ to go shopping, or the like. I suppose we could head out to the beach for the day but I am extremely white am also still suffering from a horrifying sunburn from 4th of July weekend. The sun is my enemy at the moment.

So, I've been working a lot on future snail mail swaps for swap-bot. I've also finished decorating my new planner and blog/idea journal that I carry in my purse.

Please, I beg you....if you have any indoor suggestions for me to keep me busy, I would so desperately and gratefully appreciate them. I've caught up on reading a bit, and brought my Sudoku and Crossword puzzles with me but I still get bored.

Oh! My bro and I have also been working on this puzzle:

I wish my hubby could stay with us but he has to work during the week...he came to stay with us this weekend though and we had a little fun. Jake doesn't like swimming so Cory got in the pool with me on Saturday. We did a little adventuring at Kmart, Walmart, & Toys R Us in the lower desert and then headed back to my gma's house to relax and watch TV. I'm telling you...there ain't much to do.

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