Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Photos

Only a few photos from this long Memorial Day weekend.

While you're here--I've updated my DIY/Crafting page so check it out!

Hope you had an awesome Memorial Day Weekend! I'm sad it's over. 3 days just isn't long enough!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Crazy Fun Saturday!

1. Stopped by a few yard sales on our way to the swap meet.
     * scored an awesome Coleman camp
       stove and we got it for $3!!

2. Headed on over to the local Swap Meet--love this place!
   I told Cory we should make it an every weekend thing. Super
   cool stuff!

3. Went in search of Horney Toads while we waited for my
   sister in law and the kids to get home from the Grubstakes
   Days Parade.
      * Evan was so excited to show us his new pet! Plus
        we hadn't had a chance to meet their new horses yet.

4. Got home, rested a bit, took a shower and got ready for a
   night out to 29 Palms Theater to see the play "Barbequeing
   Hamlet" with my sister in law and youngest sister.

It was a busy day--and super fun! Hope the wind isn't horrbile today and tomorrow. Why can't the wind just go away on the weekends? The past 3 weekends have just been too windy to do anything outside. It's so frustrating!

At least Saturday was an awesome day.

Do anything fun on your Saturday?!

Share! Share!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Updated Pages!

While you're here...

I've recently updated my blog pages so be sure to check them out!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Today's Agenda

1. Go to the Post Office to send a postcard to my good friend Adriana. I miss her so much! She helped me to get through the drama of roommates when I was going to school for my bachelors degree...we had some fun all nighters! Oh yeah--and I need to send back "The Closer" we Netflixed :)

2. Grab some coffee at the new Ma Rouge coffee shop in town--it's now in the place of Water Canyon Coffee, which closed it's doors a year or so ago and devastated the entire Morongo Basin! So sad...but the new owners kept a lot of the same decor and vibe of Water Canyon. I really miss it.

3. Possibly check out the route 66 antique shop at the end of town. It's been a really long time since I've been in there!

4. Try to clean the spots on the stairs...new carpet! Ahhh!

5. Finish washing my whites

6. Dishes

7. Possibly work on some more postcards! Or do a little scrapbooking--I have a few photos from Mother's Day that I need to add to my book. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Awesomeness Postcard

Just finished this guy a little while ago...and then ran out of glue sticks :( So, I made a trip to Wally World to get some more. I think I'm going to start making little bundles of them--like 4 or 6 to a bundle or something. Then when I get a bunch together, I can think about selling them :) Or maybe...GIVEAWAYS!

Sounds fun!

Wish I could make copies of them so that I could make more of the same design. Then I could print them on thick card stock...might save some time.

Any ideas? How could I make this easier on myself? And I'm not likeing the packing tape over the top of them...I definately need a copier or something. Maybe I could take them to an office supply store and have them copied? Geez...all this thinking is giving me a headache :(

A DIY Project Finished

Yesterday, before I had to study for my last final (woot woot!), I had the chance to finish the dessert/muffin stand I started for Cor & I. He really like how it turned out--and he told me I did a good job on centering all the pieces :)

He's been helping me to glue all of the other ones together since I can never seem to get them centered. But this one, i did all by myself!

I love making these stands! They are totally unique...I suppose if I had sets of dishes I could make two of the same but where is the fun in that?

I love the pattern on the bottom tier & the brass candle stick is so pretty. I love the amber candy dish on the bottom too...I hardly ever find amber glass dishes at thrift stores so I couldn't pass it up! The top and bottom plates are from a totally different plate sets but are hand-painted by the same Japanese company-----just a little info on the materials :)

Yay! On to the next project :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Off until Thursday!!

Since I'm off work until Thursday--I plan to work on a few projects I've been collecting things for. I've been waiting for some extra time to get some of this stuff together. I'm thinking about opening a little Etsy shop but I just hate thinking about shipping and packaging things so that they won't break. We'll see.

Here's a start:

This is one is going to be for Cory & I ♥ It's going to be a 2 tier snack/dessert tray. We really don't eat cake or desserts that often but it will be perfect for brownies, fruit, & muffins!!

Sorry I forgot to get photos of the plates before I glued the bottoms on....I'll have to post an update when it's all finished so you can see what the plates look like. They match our green & yellow dishes we were gifted at our wedding.

I'm so excited about it! Can't wait 'til it's all dry ♥ 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Bestie's Wedding!

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Meet Blanca,
my best friend:

Yesterday, she married her ♥
in Los Angeles, CA 
@ the Guadalupe Wedding Chapel

It was so fun!

I loved her dress--love the mermaid style ♥
I haven't seen Blanca happier--she was in heaven! She's taking it easy today and hanging out with her hubby.

Congratulations Blanca & Josue!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Student Art Show @ CMC

I had an hour to spare before class on Monday so I used it to check out the Student Art Show @ the new Bell Center on campus. It was cool--just needed a little background music while walking through the displays. It was really quiet in there!

Here are just a few photos from the exhibit:

Although I loved every piece of art in the exhibit, this one just popped for me! Definitely my favorite. It has amazing color and detail. It's mesmerizing!

I took many more photos but I'm a little pressed for time this morning :(

Have an awesome Wednesday!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What My ♥ Brought Home

Look how tiny it is!! Isn't this THE cutest little snake that you've ever seen?

We let him go a few minutes ago.
He was neat--didn't try to bite at all.

If only they stayed small...

Friday, May 13, 2011

On a Walk with Cory & Max

Wednesday night, Cory & I decided to take Max for a little walk. He(Max)gets so excited and starts making all these funny noises--I'll have to record it next time and post it for ya. It's the cutest thing!

Here are some photos from our little adventure:

*He recently went on a trip to the groomers--and he's a little self-concious about his furlessness...

Love, this looks like a bad idea...Electrical cables & bouncing--I foresee a bad final destination scenario brewing

Cool cabin/house thing up the road. It's sad to think that someone owns it and it's getting broken into and thrashed

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mom's Day Weekend

Mother's Day weekend was super busy...

1. Clean room, wash laundry...the usual weekend chores.
2. Ride with Brother-in-law and his wife Amber down to Diamond Bar for Cory's cousin, Andrea's Graduation Party--she earned her Masters Degree! Awesome!!

1. Finish up laundry
2. Finish up Mother's day gifts & cards
3. Drop my car off @ Wally World to get 2 new tires
4. BBQ @ Mom's house
5. Go back to Wal-mart to pick up & pay for my tires (I'd rather spend $150.00 on other things, but what can I do?)
6. Start and finish a paper that's due Monday after work...

1. Get to library as soon the doors open to work a little more on paper
2. Work
3. Try to work on paper and somehow finish
4. Class: find out paper is not due until next week...release a HUGE sigh of relief and silently curse @ myself for procrastinating.....
5. Bank
6. Gas
7. Home for Mother's Day dinner and a house full of family
We saw him on our dirt road...as we were leaving for Diamond Bar

...it was a long weekend...
Great memories!

How was your Mother's Day Weekend?

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