Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer storms, time with friends, good eats, & awesome music

Okay, first I need to apologize for the photos. 
1. I am by no means a photographer. 
2. These photos are from my cheap cell phone...bare with me, haha!

1 & 2. Storm that came through last week--these storms during the summer months help me to get through summertime in the Mojave desert. Seriously, if we had more of them, I would enjoy the summer months more. Heck, I may even look forward to them! I'm more of a Fall & Springtime type of person. Supposedly rain is not in this week's forecast but having lived in this area for quite some time now, I've come to the conclusion that weather is slightly unpredictable in these parts. So, there is still hope!

3-6. Mad Hatter tea party for Ms. Kandice Avila's 1st birthday. OMG, what a cute little girl! Made an awesome lemon cheesecake, however I failed to take any pics of it :/

7. Only the best pot roast ever. Usually this is a winter meal but the husband & I had a terrible craving.

8. My first attempt at potato pancakes. They were delicious--greasy but heck-a delicious. I'm surprised at how easy they are to make! 

9. If you are ever in the Morongo Basin & are looking for great food, live music and a little rowdiness, Pappy & Harriet's is the place to be. We LOVE Pappy's--they have the BEST pork chops & steak. They cook them outside over a pit of mesquite. Can't get a better pork chop or steak. Seriously. Also, they have the Shadow Mountain Band (pictured above). They play some awesome bluegrass! 

Have an awesome week!!

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Unknown said...

Mad Hatter Tea party?! Real talk, I'd love to have that as MY birthday theme and I'm 25 haha. That's just so adorable!

xo marlen
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