Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Recent Swaps ♥

I've been getting heavy on swaps lately and it's wonderful because it really keeps me busy while I'm waiting for school to start.

Here are just a few of my recent swaps sent out and received:

This was for a "deco page swap: favorite colors" and my partner requested pink. And I sent her a few little extra goodies since she not only loves pink but also loves girlie things and fairies.
(I almost wanted to keep this deco page...) 

These were two of my first ATC's (Artist Trading Cards)...and i sent them as little extras in other swaps. I am kind of awaiting feedback as to whether I have the right idea or not, lol.

This was for a swap where we were instructed to decorate a business size envie in a theme that our partner would like. My partner really loved anything that had to do with beaches, the ocean, and fish...I have no idea where I found this fish head clipping...but I HAD to use it! I've had it for a while and never really found a use for it until this week.

What was waiting in the mail for me yesterday!! I was stoked!

Do you see why I'm addicted to snail mail?


Mikelle Jade said...

I agree-- snail mail is fun :) Too bad mine mostly consists of waiting around for textbooks to come.

You are so creative, I love all the collages you make-- I wish I were as crafty and patient as you-- cutting out little pictures has always been such a bother for me! These turned out really cute, I am sure the girls were glad to get them!

Ariel Tyler Henley said...

very cute!!

Alicia Jo said...

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