Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend Pics

 It's Sunday...and I've been fighting a migraine since I woke up yesterday morning. My stomach doesn't feel as queezy but my head is still pounding. I'm sitting here drinking Gatorade in hopes that I just need to replenish my electrolites...we'll see how that goes.

Lately I've been finding it difficult to sit down and update my blog. I have no idea why. Maybe it has a lot to do with my recent obsession with Swap-Bot? Anyway, it's time I get back into blogging a bit more. I miss it.

Here are a few photos from this weekend:

♥ Decorated Envelope that I just finished today for a "Mail Art" swap on Swap-Bot.
♥ My husband's cousin Angela is getting married next month (EXCITED!) and yesterday her sisters threw her a super nice, fancy Bridal Shower at one of her favorite restaurants in Brea, CA. It was fun! This is a pic of Angie and her mom...and I think it's her soon to be mother in law, Willie, and sister in law. I'm so bad at names. I never forget a face though!
♥ My mother in law, Adele and sister in law, Jenna. Such pretty ladies!
♥ What I wore...minus the belt, I think I swapped it for another leather belt. No pic though :(
♥ The newest addition to my mug collection--A UNICORN! When do you ever see Unicorns on a coffee mug? Almost never, right?! So...I HAD to buy it :)
♥ My mess of a craft space...I think I may rearrange it today to hopefully provide me with more room so that I can get another bookshelf or some kind of cubbie to keep my stuff organized.
♥ The baby Desert Tortoise that my husband found while riding our little 70 around. We NEVER see babies...and hardly ever see adults. We contacted someone who can raise him to be healthy and a bit bigger before he's released back into the desert. His chances of surviving as a bigger tortoise will be much better than releasing him as small as he is. Such a cute face!!
♥ My first ATC's...not sure if I did them right. Ehh.
♥ One of my newest journal entries...I just really like this photo. I think it came out of NYLON.

Hope you guys had a nice weekend! And cheers to a new week!

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