Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today in History

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Eighty-eight years ago today, an Archaeologist by the name of Howard Carter entered the tomb of Eqyptian ruler, King Tutankhamen. Carter searched five years for the adolescent ruler with no luck but convinced Lord Carnarvon to let him continue his search for the next year. Finally, in November of 1922, their hard work and dedication paid off. Carter and his team began opening each of the four rooms in the tomb and upon opening the final room, they discovered three nesting coffins. The final and smallest of the three coffins was made of solid gold and contained the mummified remains of the young ruler, King Tut. ( Archaeology has always interested me...although I am not particularly interested in Ancient Egypt. I think may be more of the thrill of discovery that grabs my interest, rather than the this case.

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