Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Morning Views

These are things I see every morning...

If I don't see them, my day is all off.

Yesterday I woke up late so I didn't get to make coffee before I headed out to school--and by the time 1p rolled around, man I had the worst headache! As soon as I grabbed a cup of joe at the kiosk near the library and took a couple of sips--POOF! My headache was gone.

Uhm, coffee dependant? Yes, I admit I have a problem. But I'm a functioning coffee-aholic, so I won't be detoxing anytime soon.


Anyway, currently my days are filled with finishing projects and working on presentations.

But, what keeps me going is the realization that I only have 2 more class meetings and I'm FREE--until September. Then it starts all over again. Only it will be more intense with an added internship on top of class work and my regular job.

Life is about to get very interesting.

1 comment:

Mikelle Jade said...

woo hoo good luck with the rest of the rest of class! How lucky you get a break until September! and I love the beardie on the bed :) so cute.

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