Monday, July 11, 2011

When Time Goes By Too Slowly...

Since July 5th...I've been house-sitting/cat-sitting/brother-sitting at my grandparent's house in Desert Hot Springs, CA while they are on an amazing road trip and visiting friends and family.

For the past few summers I have house sit for them and every time I agree to do it, I get really nasty angry/frustrated that I don't get to either go with them or get my own little vacation. I know this is completely selfish of me to think about but I've worked every summer since I graduated high school and have missed every trip to visit family and friends because I have to work to pay bills. But I know when I'm older, and either make more money, or retire I'll have the same chance to travel. Hopefully. It just sucks...and I guess I'm just venting.

Anyway, besides swimming in their pool, there is absolutely hardly anything to do where my grandparents live unless you have $$$$ to go shopping, or the like. I suppose we could head out to the beach for the day but I am extremely white am also still suffering from a horrifying sunburn from 4th of July weekend. The sun is my enemy at the moment.

So, I've been working a lot on future snail mail swaps for swap-bot. I've also finished decorating my new planner and blog/idea journal that I carry in my purse.

Please, I beg you....if you have any indoor suggestions for me to keep me busy, I would so desperately and gratefully appreciate them. I've caught up on reading a bit, and brought my Sudoku and Crossword puzzles with me but I still get bored.

Oh! My bro and I have also been working on this puzzle:

I wish my hubby could stay with us but he has to work during the week...he came to stay with us this weekend though and we had a little fun. Jake doesn't like swimming so Cory got in the pool with me on Saturday. We did a little adventuring at Kmart, Walmart, & Toys R Us in the lower desert and then headed back to my gma's house to relax and watch TV. I'm telling you...there ain't much to do.


Janette said...

Oh no! I can see how house sitting might be totally stinky... Um.. Might I suggest making some friendship bracelets and perhaps art journaling..That's what I'm going to undertake for the next few days!

Janette, the Jongleur

Mrs. A said...

Cassie, I know how you feel!! I'm sorry time is going slow and you are bored! I pass my time a lot by watching HGTV (NICE home decor ideas!) and working out. Are you able to go up to JT with your brother and climb??

Also, I just wanted to let you know I'm closing down my blog. It's best I don't advertise what's going on in my life right now. I think I have your email, so i want to keep in touch with you through that :).

Other than the boredom, I hope you're hanging in there!

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