Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday Photos

Irwin was waving (talking) to Beast (Cory's Dragon) when I walking into the bedroom, lol. Although this warmed my heart and made me giggle...I couldn't help but be concerned for my little aloe plant. He was totally crushing it!

My new favorite snack--Greek yogurt & fruit.
I'm eating grapes here :)

Pomegranate can see the pomegranate forming at the base of the flower. So pretty!

Half way through--I am now on Chapter 17!! It's definitely getting more interesting though. It's picking up a bit so I think I may be able to get through the second half much quicker than the first, lol.

Eating lunch at my best friend's mom's house in Rialto, CA
Mrs. Murcia makes THE best pollo con rice!

My bestie, Blanca & her new hubby Josue. They are too cute! So happy together

Mannequin from a discount clothing store we checked out while we were waiting for the next showing of Hangover II (by the way: not worth the awesome $5 to see--totally grossed me out).


A. said...

I don't know if it's my connection or because the post is picture heavy, but it took ages to load :(

oomph. said...

great photos...thanks for sharing! i love fage greek yogurt with fruit as well! it's usually my evening snack!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

hey thanks for answering my question about the book I appreciate at the feed back. I'm afraid that it might give me nightmares, I am a wuss hahaha


my heart broke when I saw I wasn't on your favorites... hehehe I need to rectify this! I am going to send you subliminal messages that tell you to make me your fave, LOL.

I just waved my hand over your eyes " This is not the clone you are looking for" shoot wait is that StarWars? ok forget it lost cause.

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