Thursday, June 23, 2011

Diet Update

I am in love with Herbalife...I have to tell you, I was super skeptical in the beginning and thought I may have an extremely difficult time with this diet. I thought, how the heck am I going to replace 2 whole meals a day with a meesly shake? Well, these shakes are so filling that I can go hours without a snack! And they full of vitamins and minerals so you're getting everything in them. If you want more protein you can add peanut butter or nuts or you can add protein powder. But seriously, I can't believe how well I'm doing and I actually enjoy it--especially nice and refreshing for the summer time.

Turns out, I've lost 12 lbs. in about 6-7 weeks! Yippeeee! I haven't yet reached my goal but I can totally see and feel the difference. Actually I could feel the difference immediately--I feel healthier and shhhh...I am regular now, LOL. Like clock-work! But I think that's a little bit too much info.

Cory said to me a few nights ago, "are you sure you aren't losing wieght?" Then I weighed myself. I'd been so afraid of the scale up until he said this to me. I'm serious!

I have stuggled with my weight my entire life. All of my sisters and even my brother are much smaller than me...some-how I got the big bones or fat genes in the family. My sisters are all size 0-3 and I go up and down from 5-11. It's crazy. I'm so tired of it.

I am much happier now...and I can't wait to be a size 5 again! That's when I felt most comfortable in my skin. I realize this won't last forever unless I figure out a way to maintain it.

I'll keep you posted!

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