Friday, June 3, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

On Wednesday I went to my very first Orientation as a graduate student in the School of Social at Cal State San Bernardino. You have no idea how freakin' excited and grown up I felt--and still do! I can't wait to start the program...

I had to get there a bit early so that I could turn in my final transcripts to correct offices since somehow they kept getting lost in the mail. Sheesh.

I had to truck from one side of campus to the next to get them into the correct hands by 5ish pm that night. My left foot still hurts a bit from all the slippin' and slidin' it did in my new flip flops. I have no idea why one foot hurts and the other is fine--story of my life.

Anyway, I accomplished this mission and had time to spare to snap a few photos before the orientation began.

I never had any classes in this building--I think it houses all the business classes and that kind of stuff. I would often sneak through it though, just to get from the campus apartments to the little pond on the other side. I saw THE CUTEST skunk here one night when I was out looking for toads in the pond, lol.
The Library was and will be my second home while I lived on campus. Sometimes the roomies were just a tad too loud when I was trying to study or write papers. It was the only place I could concentrate. I love that they are open super duper late too--that means I can get studying done after my classes at night. I think they're open until 10 or 11pm! So wonderful!

This sidewalk was not here 2 years ago when I's beautiful! This is a side view of the student union building. They have offices with all sorts of clubs in here--and there's an enormous conference room...AND starbucks, del taco, dominos, and all sorts of fun, nifty stuff. I think some of the student leadership classes are held in this building as well.
Then I came to the commons--this is where all the students who live on campus eat if they bought meal plans. There are some classrooms/meeting rooms in the lower commons as well and this is where I came for orientation. It was a gorgeous day in San Bernardio-not hot, not cold. Just perfect.
Photos of the garden outside of the commons. This wasn't here either when I graduated...there are a lot of new changes around campus, it's growing and looking gorgeous.

There you have it. These are the only photos I could snap before my camera died :(

There will definitely be more in the months to come!

How was your week?


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That's so exciting!! Going to graduate school is a big deal,you rightfully feel all grown up! :D

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