Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day Trip

On Saturday Cory & I drove up to Big Bear (where we said "I do") for a little desert heat getaway. It was pretty warm up in Big Bear but not nearly as hot as Yucca Valley. I love this little moutain town: gorgeous homes, country moutain feel, warms the heart.

We took a drive around the lake, stopped at the dam to check out the water and see what the fisherman were catching--then we stopped for lunch at the "Sonoma Cantina." We ate here the first day of our wedding weekend in Big Bear. I am in love with their chile rellenos and carnitas tacos. The decor in this place warms my heart and makes me smile.

After lunch, we headed down the street to the Moonridge Zoo! We made plans to visit the zoo the weekend we were married but we didn't have much time. It's a fairly small zoo but so worth the super cheap $9 it costs for admission. It was soooo neat! I'm super sad to tell you this, but my camera died as we were entering the zoo. I still cannot believe I didn't think to charge it before we left yesterday morning.

These are the only photos I could snap before we headed into the zoo:

It was a very nice day. Last night as we turned out the lights to go to bed, Cory gave me an awesome hug and thanked me for the day. He told me he enjoyed himself--which is really something lately, he's been having a rough time (personal) recently with work and some personal struggles he's trying his darndest to get through. Although it was only for the day (I'm taking care of my mother's animals while she's on a trip), we both really needed a getaway. I think we both feel a bit recharged after yesterday's adventures.

Today, I'm kicking back, enoying some peace
 and catching up on my book ♥

Next time we end up at the Big Bear Zoo, I promise I will have charged my camera and I will deliver awesome critter pics!


christine donee said...

Sounds like the perfect get-away! I love Big Bear. So much.

oomph. said...

sometimes all you need is a mini-vacay to recharge. hope all is well with the hubs.

Janette said...

You know, I don't think that I've ever been there and I don't live that far away.. It's such a cute little quaint town! Must must must explore for sure!

Janette, the Jongleur

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

you know the pictures can tell its hot. I am actually shielding my eyes from all the sun. Sorry about you camera that happened to me before to.

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