Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas...The Morning After

So, it's over. This realization made me die a little bit this morning. But really, it's only over until next year.

And guess what?!!

It's almost next year! I plan to get started on Christmas shopping and crafting early in 2012. Yes, I think this qualifies as a New Years resolution.

So here goes...
my New Years Resolution List (In no particular order):

1. Begin Christmas Shopping and Crafting Early
2. Eat Healthier
3. Read more than 1 book 
(I'm horrible at finishing books. I get so distracted).
4. Get my papers for school finished early.
(I have a bad habit of procrastinating lately.)
5. Blog, blog. blog.
6. Call my best friend more. I'm really bad at keeping in touch. It's like I live in my own little world. This may just be a Character flaw.
7. Get a new camera!
8. Kiss Cory goodnight every night.

And...I'm sure more things will come to mind later.

What are your resolutions for 2012?

Happy New Year!!!


Chaucee said...

For this Christmas I did all my shopping online either Black Friday or Cyber Monday. I saved a TON of money and was stress free the entire December!

lauren brimley said...

I seriously need to start my shopping for Christmas early, too. Because it's ALWAYS last minute for me.

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