Monday, December 19, 2011

Last Night Was Rough

Many women suffer from migraines...I used to get them much more frequently years ago but I blame birth control for that. I haven't taken birth control for nearly 2 years now and before I went without it, I tried many different ones and I realize I'm much happier and sane without. That's a personal choice though and I don't recommend being without unless you are using some other form of BC.

Anyway--this has nothing to with BC and more to do with Migraines. If anyone reading this has found something (non-chemical or prescription related) please share. I'm all ears--or eyes?

My brother works at a Country Club and every year they have an employee/family holiday party. Each year my brother invites one of us sisters...there are 4 of us...this year I was his date. It was fun, and usually is, although last night I wasn't feeling my best and quickly developed a bad migraine before the end of the party. I felt terrible leaving my brother inside to hangout without his date but I desperately needed to lie down and try to sleep it off. 

I hobbled out to my car, in was very dark outside and we were right up against the mountains where I know bobcats and coyotes live. I heard all sorts of strange noises around me and I was doing my best to at least make it to my car before getting sick. 

I made it, locked myself inside, turned on the heater and tried to sleep. As soon as I got to sleep, my brother scared the life out of me trying to get inside the car--and then it was time to take him home and begin my 20 minute drive back "up the hill" to Yucca Valley. It was THE WORST drive I have EVER had....I was desperate to make it home without having to pull over onto the side of the road because it was very dark and very cold outside. Plus, I didn't want to have to deal with any Highway Patrol or whomever would stop to see if I was okay. I was choking the entire time...trying not to get sick on myself.

Gross, I know.

I finally made it home but when I tried to open my car door, it was locked. I tried and tried to get the dang thing unlocked but it was stuck and I really needed to get out! I crawled out the passenger side and ran in the house as fast as I could, up the stairs and into the bathroom and made it just in time! I have never felt so sick and relieved at the same time.

Things still felt weird this morning. I couldn't even hold down water. And I couldn't call out of work because it was just me and the boss this morning at the library. It was horrible but I got through it.

My grandpa even called me this morning to see how I was feeling--I'm sure my brother told them I had a few drinks, so they probably think I was driving home drunk and was hungover this morning. Sooooo not the case. It was a migraine. I guess having a migraine is sort of like having a really bad hangover...only without the alcohol. Ugh. I've had enough of these dang things. They have ruined perfectly wonderful events--events that only happen once, like weddings and baby showers, and graduations. It really sucks. And I never know when one is going to attack.

So again, if anyone has any advice...please share you knowledge with me. I will try anything!! Nothing has worked for me. And I don't have medical insurance, so I can't take prescriptions or even go to the Doc.

The beautiful sky last night as
I drove "down the hill" from YV to Desert Hot Springs.

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