Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gold Fever...

Since Cory went with a friend on a prospecting adventure a couple of months ago--he's developed gold fever.

Twice I've gone with him to collect pails of dirt from a certain wash on the back-way to Big Bear in hopes of finding gold. And we have! A few little pieces yesterday we went back to gather more lucky dirt from the same wash so that Cory can run it through the dry washer in hopes of finding more of this little, yellow buried treasure.

It's kind of neat actually--and while I was lugging a pail of dirt back to the truck last night, I got this weird sense of an aura was surrounding me and this little metal bucket of mine. I felt like it had a really good vibe.

It was absolutely gorgeous well as yesterday. I can't wait to go again this weekend.

Oh! And Cory hasn't dry washed and panned the dirt we brought home last night just yet. I'm sure he'll dig into it the minute he gets home from work though!

I'll let you know what he finds--maybe someday we'll find enough to pay for the fancy metal detector he so desperately wants, lol. Until then, we'll just have to settle for the mini treasure hunt we're on at the moment.

Check out this video we found on You Tube the other night--ridiculous!

(Sorry...there's a bit profanity in this one)

Neither one of us would have to work again if we had his luck and that awesome metal detector!...oh, and I guess we would have to visit Australia to find these suckers!

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