Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Awesomeness Postcard

Just finished this guy a little while ago...and then ran out of glue sticks :( So, I made a trip to Wally World to get some more. I think I'm going to start making little bundles of them--like 4 or 6 to a bundle or something. Then when I get a bunch together, I can think about selling them :) Or maybe...GIVEAWAYS!

Sounds fun!

Wish I could make copies of them so that I could make more of the same design. Then I could print them on thick card stock...might save some time.

Any ideas? How could I make this easier on myself? And I'm not likeing the packing tape over the top of them...I definately need a copier or something. Maybe I could take them to an office supply store and have them copied? Geez...all this thinking is giving me a headache :(

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