Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Diet

I say new because it's always something for me--there is always some new diet thing that I'm trying or at least I give myself a new goal every time I stuff my face. This time I'm determined to lose about 10 lbs. That's all--then I hope to be happy and then it's just maintaining my desired weight for the rest of my life, lol.

Easier said than done.

My friends Larissa & Walter came by on Sunday afternoon to show me how to make these shakes that they drink in place of 2 meals a day. Usually breakfast & dinner...

I know I'm going to have a hard time with this.

But the shakes actually taste pretty delish--they are "Herbalife" nutritional shakes and there are soooooo many flavors! I'm going to try the Cafe latte and cookies & cream shakes.

Walter has lost 45 lbs since last summer and Larissa is right behind him. He started the diet first then Larissa saw that it was working so she started. Now they sell the shake mix, lol. I'm always skeptical about these things but the difference it's making for them is quite dramatic. They are so happy with the results...

I just want to be a size 5 again!

So--I'll keep you updated on my weight loss endeavors. I think blogging about it will keep me on my toes and might actually deter me from straying from my size 5 goal.

It's not just about losing a few lbs., it's about getting healthy and getting the nutrition and vitamins that my body craves.

Has anyone else tried Herbalife? Any advice or experiences you care to share?


Unknown said...

How interesting! The only thing that would worry me about this is that after I'd stop drinking the shakes I'd gain all my weight back. Definitely keep us updated!

gee said...

oh good luck!!
i would love to lose 10 lbs but i think i would starve with just 2 shakes and a dinner.
i just REALLY love food. :)

ps, you asked if my shirt was silk on my post..it is not. it is a shirt from the good ole 70's i think it is cotton. :P

Mrs Vintage said...

Thx so much for yr comment!! You are the best XD


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