Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Recap & Monday Off

This weekend was amazing! Well, to start off--Saturday wasn't so amazing. It was windy & cloudy so we couldn't really do anything but clean, eat, & sit around the house. Poo. But Sunday really made up for the bust that was Saturday. Cory & I picked up my youngest sister, Caitlyn & drove out to Sunfair in 29 Palms to search for Horney Toads & Desert Iguanas. Horney toads have just started coming out of hibernation & we have been searching for them the past couple of weekends with no luck. Yesterday....we found 2! One male, one female...and 2 different colors! We were so stoked! We saw soooo many whiptails and tons of fringe-toed lizards, but still no luck finding any desert iguanas. After our find, we headed out to Coyote Hole in Joshua Tree to look for some Chuckwallas--there were tons of them out, we caught one, he was vicious! Then we let the mean guy go...we were really just trying to show Caity what they looked like, she had only seen them in photos before yesterday. Anywho--everywhere we walked we could hear the chucks' skin on the rocks as they hid in rock crevices. Oh! And on our way into Coyote Hole, Cor spotted a desert iguana sitting in a bush eating his wee heart out. So Cute! I love those guys, they really are so sweet. Peaceful creatures.

It was definately a great day for catching lizards! Thank goodness we didn't run into any rattlers.

1. possible tortoise den 2. Caity & the first fringe-toe we saw
3. Caity taking photos 4. the fringe-toe
little butterfly--something happened to his wing :(
 He was so pretty
1. The first Horn-dog we found 2. Gorgeous orange flowers
3. close-up of the cute little guys face 4. The second Horn-diggle we found. They don't try to get away like most lizards. They get really close to the ground and try not to be seen. They are really neat to observe...and they wag their little tails when they eat, lol.  'em!
1. the 2 horney toads, side by side so you can see their differences 2. Cor, he looks silly up their on that rock w/a stick, lol. 3. More pretty flowers 4. The chuckwalla we caught, he wasn't hiding very well. Their skin is so leather-like.
Some chucks hiding out in the rocks and one was sun-bathing.

& Today is Monday...and I'm OFF WORK!! Woot Woot! So that means I get to update my blog a bit & take the husband out to lunch on his break. Yay! More free time, lol. And somewhere in my day I need to finish my study guide for my Criminology test :(

Crap! Is my test today?!!
Better check! Geez.

'Member I said Saturday was a bust...and we stayed inside all day? This a project I worked on...I hardly ever wear these shoes, and I thought about painting them to look like saddle shoes--but this is what happened instead. I may paint them some more...haven't decided yet.

How was your weekend?


quiltncat said...

Such a beautiful day yesterday!! Yep Saturday sucked but sometimes it's nice to have a reason to stay inside and putter around the house. You cut bangs! They look really cute, do you like them?

Love the horny toad pics - we haven't seen any lizards around our house just yet. Rudy is starting to get REALLY into walking around outside and looking at plants and holes and things, so I need to start thinking about hikes we can do together. He likes the vacant lot next door but there is a bunch of broken glass, so it makes me nervous.

Hope you enjoyed your day off!


Anonymous said...

Wow it does sounds like you had a great weekend lots of activities! That little monarch is so pretty, love the colors, and the DIY shoes? are so amazing! regreting getting rid of similar ones, they've looked that fab! Anyways hope that exam was not schedule for today, have a lovely week ahead!

<3 Cess O.
The Outfit Diaries

Morgan//Nuts and Bows said...

Awe! Looks like you had the best weekend! LOVE your pics as always friend!

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Sabrina T. said...

such a gorgeous post lady!!love these pics:)
Come and follow me if you like my blog??i'd be very happy if u do so..kiss

stephanie [the merry way] said...

Sounds like fun! My husband would SO be all about searching for lizards and iguanas! Love your outfit too!

Dearest Lou said...

looks like you had the funnest weekend ever! i love lizards i'm jealous. your outfit is simply adorable.

Cassie Nafziger said...

Thank you for the sweet comments! During the week I can't wait for teh weekend to come just so we can go hiking and see what critters are out and about. It's my favorite thing to do...besides thrifting and scrapbooking--which I havent't done in quite some time. I am working on a project looking for it in a post. I plan to finish it this weekend! Have an awesome day & thank you again for your comments!

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