Friday, April 1, 2011

Mug Fetish

The other day as I was studying for my second exam in Criminology & sipping my new favorite tea, delicious Cocoa Chai...I realized I forgot to tell you about my newest mugs! A while back I think I sort of told you about my mug infatuation. I have a collection of funky, weird mugs, most of them vintage/retro. Well, since we've moved in with my mother in law--my collection has been packed away in storage. This makes me super sad because the first thing I would do in the morning is pick out the mug that made me happiest that morning and start a pot of coffee. Just because all of my favorite mugs that I've collected since high school are packed away (for who knows how long) doesn't mean that I can't continue to collect, right? I just have to be sure that I absolutely can't live without it if I see the perfect mug in a thrift store...since there isn't much space in my mother in laws cupboards. Here are a few photos of my newest mugs:

I just couldn't pass up this super funky mug! Could you? Seriously made my day when I found it.
This one matches my yellow & green plates...also packed away, so depressing. But this mug cheers me up =) Uhm, please ignore my greasy face & hair, thank you.

What do you collect?

By the way, Happy April Fools out!


Whim Wham Life said...

Oh my goodness, those mugs are adorable! And cocoa chai? Sounds delicious! xoxo

stephanie [the merry way] said...

I love collecting cute mugs - since I use them so much, being a coffee addict and all! Those are adorable. I also love collecting mason jars and old bottles!

My Unfinished Life said...

wow!!..the mugs are cute!!....and i have thing for mugs too and the husband says its getting to abnormal levels of collection....but wth!..i just love having my mug of tea!!...and like u i pick the one i feel most happiest in the morning!!

maybe i can do a post on my mugs too!!....
the other things i collect are shoes!!!

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