Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pattern Mixing

It's Wednesday! This means the week is almost half-way over...yay! It also means that I need to study tonight for my Corrections exam tomorrow--Directly after work. I love that I work on I can just walk to class, but it really sucks that my classes start the minute my shift ends. This means I don't get time to study before class; unless the instructor is late--I got lucky once, lol.

Cardi: Thrifted; Gap
White button-up: Charlotte Russe...$5!
Bumble Bee Silk blouse: Hand-me down from Mother-in law ♥
Flats: Thrifted; Mossimo, Target
Jeans: Candies, Khols--and I hate them...I'm not buying skinny, stretchy jeans ever again!
Wait, I think I used a gift card. SWEET!

Pin: gifted...Walmart? me some owls
Earrings: Roses: Thrifted; Dragonflies: Gifted--Thanks Heather!

I think I'll do fine on my exam. I did pretty well on the last one and I was a little worried about it. I just need to do some reviewing and finish my study guide.

I'll let you know how it goes!


Jenny said...

Those yellow flats are so cute. I love the cut-outs and the color- totally perfect for the Spring! Good luck on your exam :-) xoxo

Unknown said...

i love those yellow flats they are adorable :)

<3 steffy
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Morgan//Nuts and Bows said...

Sooo super cute! Love love love!

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katherine said...

oh my goodness, that pin! i'm in love.

janet h said...

hi there! i'm loving your blog! it's about vintage and thrift and everything and i absolutely adore those stuff as well! anyways keep posting! your pictures are amazing and i'll def keep reading your blog! :)

Pia said...

I love your shoes!! And your cardi! Very cute.

Good luck with your exam! :)

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