Thursday, March 3, 2011

:: 5 Things About Moi ::

This link was sent to me in a comment by ...and I just think it's such a cute game. Pass it on!

                     My Sr. Year as a BASW student in my apartment on campus...I sort of miss it!

5 Things about me you might not learn from my blog:

1. IAlmonds
2. My favorite colors are GreeN, yEllOw & ORANge!! My sister once told me my bedroom is the color of
    barf, lol. Eww--but I totally disagree!
3. I Succulents
4. I married my high school sweetheart on June 26, 2010 in Big Bear, CA
5. I HAVE to have at least 2 cups of coffee in the morning after my shower and I drink coffee all day long...It's a weird and terrible habit I picked up my Jr. & Sr. yrs. as a poor student living on campus at Cal State San Bernardino. I lived off of coffee and for the most part--still do.

Your turn!!!

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Thanks Cassie!!

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