Sunday, March 6, 2011

Awesome Quirkiness

I have the bestestest co-workers in the world! Thanks to my friend Cathy, I now have this awesome tea light holder for the bedroom...and Cory loves it too! Woo hoo! I thought he was going to hate it, but I'm pretty suprised that he lets me decorate with my macrame owls, yellow and orange flowers, floral sheets...pillows everwhere...he's awesome and never complains or says he doesn't like something. I think I'm pretty lucky to have him 'Cause I couldn't live without these things! And we compromise...I hung him a neat shelf with little cubbies in it so that he could display his lego cars and john deere tractors :) That way he gets to see the things he loves and doesn't feel like he's sleeping in my bedroom, lol. And Shhh...I can't believe I'm admitting this...but I'm starting to adore his little obsession with RC cars, LEGO's, and such. But lets just keep that between us, he hasn't read my blog yet and I don't think he's even interested, lol. But he rarely uses the computer for anything other than looking for auto parts, RC cars, and to watch something on Netflix! I'd probably be really embarrassed if read my blog...not sure though.

I this!!

You may be able to find this tea light holder on
Cathy found it at a thrift store in town for $1!!! She cracks me up. We were talking about weird things that we like to find @ thrift stores and she stops me, "have you seen A Christmas Story? You know the leg lamp in the movie? I have a tea light in my car if you want it!" It never fails. She always has the most random things in her car, in her desk, or in her purse. We joke because I always tell her she's like Mary Poppins! If you ever need anything, about 97% of the time--she'll have it!

I you Cathy!
You make me smile everyday.

Some other finds from garage sales yesterday:

Left: Sears brand appliance/lamp 24 hr. timer in my favorite colors
Right: Super cool ceramic container of some kind for a barber shop? I really have no idea but it's neat and says "Hats, Caps, & Furs" on it!
Middle: Really nifty little glass tray that I bought at an Angel View thrift store in town. I cracked me up so I couldn't resist. I'm using it on my nightstand for a tea bag holder, lol.

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oomph. said...

loved that lamp in the movie...this candleholder is really cute!

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