Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Outfit: ♥ Mustard & Magenta

Every morning I spend about 15-20 mins. trying to figure out what to wear before I jump in the shower...it's dumb. I should do this before I go to bed so that I could either sleep in a bit more or give myself time to eat before I rush out the door. But anyway...I just really wanted some color today.
Nothing fancy or attention grabbing...just colors that make me smile :)
This is my favorite scarf by the way--wish I could wear it everday!!

I bought the scarf, and shoes at Angel View--a local thrift store and one of my faves
I bought the cardi at Goodwill down in Cathedral City on my home from work last week...
Jeans--Kohls (gift card)
Earrings--either Claire's or Charlotte Russe, I can't remember.
Bracelet--Pioneer Crossings Antique store here in Yucca Valley (my favorite antique store around & I'm sad to admit that I haven't been there in months :(

Here are a few more 's from etsy.com in like colors!

Mexicali T-Shirt Sizes   Mexicali T-Shirt

Extra Large Button Cluster Necklace in  Magenta and Mustard

 Extra Large Button Cluster Necklace

Vintage Yellow Bow Shoe
 Vintage Yellow Bow Shoes
Softspoken Chunky Ribbed Scarf in Sunshine

Softspoken Chunky Ribbed Scarf in Sunshine

vintage 80s BERRY sweater cardiganVintage 80's Berry Cardi

If you click on the names of the items...they lead you to their shops on etsy.com...man, I'm really bad at placing photos with links on my blog. I've messed with this for soooo long. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it sooner or later, lol!


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