Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saturday with my sister

My husband was gone for most of Saturday so my youngest sister and my mother and I got our coffee at Starbucks and then did a little garage saling--it's been too long since we've gone. It was nice, we found some really awesome, blue jean mugs and a matching cream pitcher for my sister Candace, who just got her own place down in Palm Springs. Everytime I go thrifting or to garage sales I always look for funky things that would match her personality :) Every once in a while she'll find a super cool owl or 70's thing that she can't pass up and leaves it for me at my mom's. Super sweet! It's fun getting little suprises all the time--and my sisters and mom are awesome at finding super nifty, weird little one of a kind things. After garage saling, my sister and I did a little scrapbooking and this is the first time in years since we've been able to spread out ALL of our supplies and make a huge mess! It was fun--and we made some rice krispie treats to snack on. YUM!

This is Catiy's legs and hands and our mess...oh!
And we found these awesome stamps at one of the garage sales.

Another view of our mess...and some lettuce that Irwin didn't want to eat.

Caitlyn and the 2 pages she finished--we went to the Queen Mary for her 17th Birthday last fall and she's just now getting around to putting them in her these pages! She's very good at collaging, one of her many talents.

Please ignore my husband's dirty work clothes in the background--these are the 2 pages I finished yesterday. The left page is of photos I took at Coyote Hole in Joshua Tree about 3/4 years ago. I had them up on my closet doors in my apartment on campus when I was living at Cal State San Bernardino--my little piece of home I guess you could say. The right page is of my bother in law and his wife. They got married on Halloween last year. These pages don't match are in no way related...all of my scrapbooks are a bit schizophrenic. I think Caitlyn tries to keep a consistent 2-page layout throughout her scrapbooks. I guess it depends on how many photos you have though.

What did you do this weekend?


Meredith said...

so fun! i need to catch up on things like that too someday. I'm way behind! like: way way. ;)

stephanie [the merry way] said...

Garage sale-ing, scrapbooking, sister, and rice krispies!? Sounds like a great Saturday :)

Morgan//Nuts and Bows said...

WOW it looks like you guys totally made a haul! LOVE those stamps!

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