Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Candace & Eddie

On Sunday my family met at Granny & Grandpa's house for a BBQ and to catch up. Everyone has their own lives now that most of us kids are now adults and working and going to school...we hardly see each other all in one place. My grandparents' house is like the hub--where we go to recharge the family, lol. The only person missing was my soon to be 19 yr. old sister, Crystal. But usually there are one or two that have to work unless we plan these "reunions" a month or so in advance. It was very nice, and some friends/family from Iowa are in town and they came over to visit too. Anyway, I took some photos for my Sister Candace so that I can get them printed and put in nice frames for her new place. Here is a preview:
Angel (dog), Eddie (boyfriend), Candace, & Lucky (dog)

Candace was nudging him to make him smile...

Mmmm...the blossoms smelled heavenly!

I haven't quite figured out what exactly I want to do with these pictures yet...make them look retro? Make them bright? I really like the first photo--but I also ♥ the brightness of the green leaves & grass and the yellow of the Lemon. Hmmm...maybe I'll just make several copies and she could choose the effects she likes most. And the rest I can put in my scrapbook and give to my mom! Yup, great idea. Sometimes I just have to talk it out with myself!

Any more ideas? 


Morgan//Nuts and Bows said...

LOVE the pics girl! Those dogs are beyond presh, and get out I have never seen a real lemon tree before!

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Ashley said...

i lovvvve lemon trees! and cute puppies :) I use picnik editing system..its free...and SO awesome... just a thought :)

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

hahaha, sometimes I talk it out to my self too. The lemons look so yummy.

Write it in Lipstick

Cassie Nafziger said...

Thanks for the comments! And thanks Ashley, I'll check out picnik later today!

Whim Wham Life said...

Awww, puppies! Definitely check out picnik for simple photo editing. I'm a fan of the vintage look:-) xoxo

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